Kelowna's Best Barre People

You deserve the very best. Plain and simple. So our peopleĀ are just that. Each oneĀ is trained in all aspects of barre fundamentals and body mechanics to ensure safe, fun and effective workouts for all fitness levels and ages.

Let us introduce you to our BARREROOM family!



Kelowna born, party planning, espresso conisuer. As co-founder and program director at BARREROOM, this girl knows there is a fire within us all and she is fuelled by the desire to help you tap into that. After completing her barre certification in Long Beach, California she knew that her hometown of Kelowna was the perfect place to build a barre community, where every person that walks into Barreroom feels like they are a part of something with a purpose.

Why BARREROOM? "Barreroom is more than just a place to get a workout. It is about finding a connection with your inner self and with the community that call Barreroom a second home. It is a space where you will feel challenged, motivated, inspired and above all else supported. Barreroom is a place to become the person you already are"

What/who motivates you? "Definitely my daughter. I grew up with the most amazingly supportive mother and I want my daughter to look up to me the same way I did my mom. There is no greater motivator in life then a little person that looks up to you...she makes be push to be a stronger and more compassionate person every day."

What is one indulgence you can't live without? "Hands down, Momos sushi with ridiculous amounts of spicy sauce. I've begged the owner, Joseph, for years for the recipe but his lips are sealed. If you have not yet experienced the gloriousness of Momos sushi with their secret spicy sauce go see Joseph and tell him I sent you. You wont regret it!



BARREROOM co-founder, designer and equestrian enthusiast, who believes that chocolate should always be salted. After spending the last 8 years in California she experienced the hugely popular barre industry first hand. In partnering with her longtime friend Chelsea, who had begun dreaming up plans for a studio in their hometown of Kelowna, she knew the rapidly growing community she was raised in was the perfect place to bring a barre dedicated studio.

What do you love about barre? "The workout is like nothing else, it never gets easier and the music always keeps me going. It doesn't matter how many times I do it, I always feel the burn and know I have had an amazing workout. I also love the feeling when everyone is in sync bringing out their inner ballerina."

What/who motivates you? "My son Knox keeps me pushing forward and reminding me to always show up for every aspect of my life and be the best version of myself because he is always looking up to me."

What is one indulgence you can't live without? "Wine. A big glass of wine."



Her friends know her as Natty, the bubbly, kind hearted and sassy French and Spanish teacher. You will probably get to know her as the plie releve loving barre babe that might just have you singing (and shaking) your way through class. You can thank her strong ballet/dance background for keeping you on your toes!

Why BARREROOM? "Barreroom has an amazing atmosphere and energy about it. I've never worked with a more welcoming and cool group of girls!"

What/who motivates you? "Honestly, myself. I'm always pushing to be a little bit stronger than I was yesterday".

What is one indulgence you cant live without? "Chips! Gotta' have my chips! Old Dutch Jalapeno and Cheddar Kettle Cooked to be precise. But to be fair, I've never met a bag of chips I didn't like!"

Come hit the barre with Natalia...she may or may not share her chips;)



Best of Kelowna Gold Winner for Personal Coach & Silver winner for Fitness Trainer. She is also the single mom of a busy 4 year old. Her goal is to empower, encourage and motivate women through fun, challenging & upbeat workouts. Her classes are as contagious as her smile and will have you coming back for more!

Why BARREROOM? "I fell in love with the BARREROOM concept immediately. The vision of 'Four Walls, One Purpose' is one that I believe in; that plus awesome owners, a beautiful space and killer beats."

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you? "Compassionate, nonjudgmental and inspiring."

What is one thing you do everyday...other than obvious eat & sleep;) ? "My son brings out my goofy side, we have a dance party in our home every morning before he goes to daycare. Its the best five minutes of my day!"



When she isn't at the barre, this prairie raised, avid baker can be found shooting weddings around town in her other job as a professional wedding photographer. Her background in group fitness, dance and barre make her classes challenging yet fun...they may seem to fly by, but you will always leave feeling that burn!

What is your favourite barre move and why? "Pulsing in first position releve. There is nothing better than that booty burn"

What/who motivates you? I am motivated by the satisfaction that comes with overcoming a challenge and pushing myself beyond fear.I am motivated by energetic and positive people who support and encourage eachother."

Where is your dream vacation? "A rainy weekend away at a remote cabin in the woods with no cell service."



People passionate and lover of puppies, Christmas and pretty things. After completing her 5 year Bachelor in Human Kinetics Degree it was her background in dance that her love of barre was sparked. You will feel her engaging personality and true authentic energy in every class!

What do you love about barre? "Growing up I used to dance a ton and I always enjoyed barre work in ballet because it is a great mix between a dance and toning class. Barre will always challenge you no matter how many times you do it, but the beat of the music will keep you going and having the best time!"

What is your favourite music/artist to do barre to? "I love all music with a great beat, but who doesn't love the odd throwback to the 90's in the middle of a class?;)"

What is one indulgence you cant live without? "Carbs! Pasta is my jam and of course anything that comes with garlic bread."



This adventurous, lipstick collecting yogi is as hardworking as they come! When she isn't around town teaching yoga, she can be found at the barre helping you find awareness in every little muscle in your body. She without a doubt brings the Zen to BARREROOM!

Why BARREROOM? "Because I wanted to be a part of something new, different and exciting! I already feel such a strong connection and support system within our BARREROOM family and I look forward to growing in our community"

Best adventure you have been on? "My boyfriend and I went travelling in Central America for 6 weeks in 2015. We visited National parks, zip lined over the rainforest canopy, learned how to surf and scuba dive and saw monkeys for the first time in my life (my favorite animal). It was an incredible experience."

What three words would your best friend use to describe you? "Adventurous, quirky (in a hilarious way) and kind."

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