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Kelowna's Best Barre Instructors

You deserve the very best. Plain and simple. So our people are just that. Each one is trained in all aspects of barre fundamentals and body mechanics to ensure safe, fun and effective workouts for all fitness levels and ages.

Let us introduce you to our BARREROOM family at our Kelowna studio!



Kelowna born, party planning, espresso connoisseur. As Founder and program director at BARREROOM, this girl knows there is a fire within us all and she is fuelled by the desire to help you tap into that. After completing her barre certification in Long Beach, California she knew that her hometown of Kelowna was the perfect place to build a barre community, where every person that walks into Barreroom feels like they are a part of something with a purpose.

Why BARREROOM? "Barreroom is more than just a place to get a workout. It is about finding a connection with your inner self and with the community that call Barreroom a second home. It is a space where you will feel challenged, motivated, inspired and above all else supported. Barreroom is a place to become the person you already are"

What/who motivates you? "Definitely my daughter. I grew up with the most amazingly supportive mother and I want my daughter to look up to me the same way I did my mom. There is no greater motivator in life then a little person that looks up to you...she makes be push to be a stronger and more compassionate person every day."

What is one indulgence you can't live without? "Hands down, Momos sushi with ridiculous amounts of spicy sauce. I've begged the owner, Joseph, for years for the recipe but his lips are sealed. If you have not yet experienced the gloriousness of Momos sushi with their secret spicy sauce go see Joseph and tell him I sent you. You wont regret it!



Her friends know her as Natty, the bubbly, kind hearted and sassy French and Spanish teacher. You will probably get to know her as the plie releve loving barre babe that might just have you singing (and shaking) your way through class. You can thank her strong ballet/dance background for keeping you on your toes!

Why BARREROOM? "Barreroom has an amazing atmosphere and energy about it. I've never worked with a more welcoming and cool group of girls!"

What/who motivates you? "Honestly, myself. I'm always pushing to be a little bit stronger than I was yesterday".

What is one indulgence you cant live without? "Chips! Gotta' have my chips! Old Dutch Jalapeno and Cheddar Kettle Cooked to be precise. But to be fair, I've never met a bag of chips I didn't like!"

Come hit the barre with Natalia...she may or may not share her chips;)



When she isn't at the barre, this prairie raised, avid baker can be found shooting weddings around town in her other job as a professional wedding photographer. Her background in group fitness, dance and barre make her classes challenging yet fun...they may seem to fly by, but you will always leave feeling that burn!

What is your favourite barre move and why? "Pulsing in first position releve. There is nothing better than that booty burn"

What/who motivates you? I am motivated by the satisfaction that comes with overcoming a challenge and pushing myself beyond fear.I am motivated by energetic and positive people who support and encourage eachother."

Where is your dream vacation? "A rainy weekend away at a remote cabin in the woods with no cell service."



Having recently relocated from Vancouver, this professionally trained ballet dancer loves to chill out with a bag of Old Dutch potato chips and plan her next killer hamstring sequence. If you love fun beats and a bit of sass, Taylor's your girl!

Why BARREROOM? When you walk in the door at BARREROOM it’s like a breath of fresh air. The studio is gorgeous, all the people I work with are so fun and inspiring and the energy you feel from the people, the space and the music just makes you want to pulse!

What do you love about barre? I love the connection it has to dance and that we are working towards building long & lean muscles every class. I love how it never gets easier! There’s always a modification you can add to challenge yourself further. We can sometimes forget the importance of stretching after every workout, I love that in every class we dedicate time to stretch out all the muscles we’ve just worked.

What/who motivates you? When I see BARREROOM clients get stronger! It’s so motivating for me to see someone lift their weights a little higher, hold their plank a little longer or get a little lower in their lunge!!

Best adventure you have been on? The best adventure I’ve been on was when my fiancé and I left Vancouver to move to Kelowna. We were starting new jobs, knew very few people and it ended up being the best decision we could have made at that point in our lives!!



We know her as Meg, the funny and smart (medical biochem undergrad) puppy mom to Ivy Blue, her Great Dane. When this trained dancer isn’t daydreaming about vacationing in Greece or catching up on episodes of The Office, she’s bringing the burn at the barre! Every class is a party with this one!!

What do you love about barre? That it never gets easier! There is always modifications and different moves to keep challenging and pushing yourself further, no matter how often you are doing it!

What/who motivates you? 100% my big sister, Paige! She is the person who motivated me to come to BARREROOM in the first place and she is the ultimate role model for everything I do. I could not be more thankful to have a big sister as determined and talented as her.

Favourite barre move and why? Oh my, this is a hard one! Honestly, I am going to choose glute bridges because it is the most peaceful exercise ever. What is better than burning your booty while lying on the mat and hanging out for a song or two?!? (The answer is nothing) I love being able to catch my breath and pulse it out with the class.



Also known as Coop; this Toronto born, well travelled, competitive dancer will never say no to sunshine, sweets or wine (put them together and she is in heaven)! Don’t be surprised if she breaks out a few throwback tunes in her class…Spice Girls anyone? There are no bad days for this peppy and positive barre babe!

Why BARREROOM? You can’t beat a fun workout, to great music, surrounded by like-minded individuals. The studio space is both stunning and filled with such positive energy. BARREROOM is an inspiring environment where you push yourself to be the best version of you!

What/who motivates you? I am motivated and love being around people with an optimistic and “can-do” attitude. Positivity and happiness are contagious!

Favorite barre move and why? Russian twists. I ADORE CORE!

Best adventure you have been on? I was lucky enough to spend a few years traveling and sailing the seven seas while teaching and working on cruise ships! I was privileged to teach dance classes to passengers and travel to over 30 countries at the same time…it was the adventure of a lifetime!



This former team Canada hockey power house, found her passion for barre after battling serious injuries and struggling with mental health issues a result of retiring from her hockey career. When she isn’t at the barre or running her power skating business you can probably find her enjoying her fav yam fries or out on a run (because balance is key). Come join Jess for a killer functional class that is sure to get all those muscles firing!

What do you love about barre? I love how Barre gets me “excited” to work out. It’s the perfect balance of challenging and fun and is something anyone, of all ages and levels can get into. Crazy, right? A workout that suits all people, and is completely designed to empower members to step into their already existing untapped potential, embrace it and step into it.

What is your favourite barre move and why? LUNGES ALL THE WAY, they can be modified in so many ways to hit all the right areas at once while also challenging balance, stability and core.
(especially when you throw some band or glider resistance in there)

What is your biggest fear? Absolutely terrrrrrified of Birds. All birds, big small, you name it, I am scared.

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